Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Great Brownie Debate

This is one of our longest running arguments. About a year ago, I offered The Boy a brownie. He looked at it and asked "No frosting?" Thus began the Great Brownie Debate. We started individually polling people, with the Boy accusing me of weighting the results in my favor. He just doesn't want to admit he's wrong. Or that I'm right.

Wait, you may be saying, those are the same thing! Yes, but you try explaining that to him.

(He has author privileges on this blog so I'm sure he'll have something to say about that).

So we decided to put it to the internet for a vote. If someone offered you a brownie, would you expect it to be frosted or not? The poll is over there on the right. Voting is set to close on November 30, but we may keep it open longer. If you vote, leave a comment (if you would be so kind) to let us know where you live, where you grew up, your age & gender. The Boy wants more statistical info (religious background, socio-economic factors etc.) but I don't think it's necessary.